November #DayOffBeerChallenge


If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve issued a challenge for the month of November called the Day Off Beer Challenge.  I’ve been talking a lot lately about health and lifestyle balance in relation to drinking because it’s something that I feel very strongly about and I think it’s something that is too easily neglected in the craft beer community.  It’s easy to effectively tell ourselves, and each other, that the experience of enjoying craft beer makes any difference to the effects of alcohol on our health than a 2-4 of Bud Light. For anyone in the community who is active on social media, it is incredibly easy to be encouraged and enabled by the activities of others.

It’s become apparent though that there are a lot of people in the beer community who take their health seriously and work to balance their love of craft beer with healthy lifestyles.  The more we talk about that actively, the more we positively influence the community by encouraging healthy behaviour and attitudes.

We’re a few days into November now but it’s not too late to join the #DayOffBeerChallenge.  All you have to do is set a goal for a number of days that you won’t drink during the month of November,  use the IG story template below to share your goal, and challenge your friends to join. As the month goes on, share your progress by posting how many days you’ve taken off towards your goal.  Use the #DayOffBeerChallenge hashtag, and tag @NathanDoesBeer and @BAOSPodcast.  Let’s keep encouraging responsible consumption, balanced lifestyles, and the benefits of taking breaks from drinking.  You in?

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Photo by Nathan Does Beer.

Photo by Nathan Does Beer.

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Nathan is a craft beer enthusiast from Ottawa, ON. He is the Co-Founder of @TeamLactose, he’s passionate about travelling for beer and he loves talking about beer from Ontario, Quebec and beyond.

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