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2019 Pumpkin Roundup

Another Halloween has come and gone, which means we’ve probably only got a few weeks left with Fall beers on the shelves - and the winter beers are already starting to creep in.

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November #DayOffBeerChallenge

It’s become apparent though that there are a lot of people in the beer community who take their health seriously and work to balance their love of craft beer with healthy lifestyles.  The more we talk about that actively, the more we positively influence the community by encouraging healthy behaviour and attitudes.

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Branching Out for Fall - Henderson Brewing Company

It’s late October and we are now well into Fall, which of course means that beer shelves and fridges have been graced with Fall beers - and I love it!  Not that there’s ever a bad season for porters and stouts, but I just like them that much more when the sun sets a bit earlier, the wind is a bit chillier, and you just want something to warm you up from the inside.

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