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Around the World in Hamilton, ON - Liquid Art Fest 2019 Roundup

A little over a month ago, the BAOS crew congregated in Hamilton, ON and we hit up the second annual Liquid Art Festival hosted by none other than Collective Arts Brewing Co.

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🎉 🍻 Cheers to 2017 - here's to 2018! 🍻 ✌

Twenty seventeen has been very good to us, and we're beyond grateful. We want to thank all our followers, subscribers, brewery friends, readers, viewers and listeners for all the support, love, kind words, not so kind words, shares, high fives, beers, hugs and sense of community. We love and appreciate you all and we're excited AF about what 2018 holds for all of us.

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Our Fave Versus Videos... With Whales

About a year ago (as of this writing, November 2017), we decided that we needed to add additional video content. At the time, we’d been doing the podcast every other week for about 18 months and only added a video component in February 2016. We realized that we should fill in the off Wednesdays with some other video content, so we came up with the concept for our #Versus series, where we put two similar beers up against each other to see which one we liked better.

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