#96 Rainbow Of Deliciousness with Chris Pontsioen & John Legassicke (Silversmith)


We've never really identified much as "beer bloggers". We're most definitely podcasters and YouTubers equally, and blogging has always been more of a side thing for me. However, this is something I really want to change.

For about a year or so, I was writing weekly columns for BrewStuds, which was a great experience and I recently realized I missed it. I figured what better way to keep this a regular thing than to bring back the type of pieces I was writing for them but post it on our own site for y'all?

So essentially the general gist of my pieces for BrewStuds was they were a behind the scenes snapshot of what went on around our latest podcast episode. We're really blessed in that we get to interview and hang out with some really intelligent, accomplished individuals but there's a whole other side to the story that we publish, so why not break it down here?

Maybe two weeks ago, we headed to Niagara for my girlfriend, and BAOS's producer, Tiffany's 30th birthday. We spent two days in the area, one in Niagara-On-The-Lake and one in Beamsville, visiting wineries and breweries and distilleries and basically living our best lives. Since we were going to be in town, I figured we should try and squeeze in a podcast. I'd been chatting with the team at Silversmith on Twitter for a while so we set up an interview and bam, it was on.

We'd been to Silversmith once before, earlier this year, and it was so busy that we couldn't get a seat so we had to leave, but not before I grabbed a bottle of their famous, heavily awarded Black Lager to go. It was fire, btw. So I was pretty keen to get back and hear the story for myself.

We rolled through after a full day of winery visits, so mans were mildly litty on arrival but still good to go - jk, I took it real easy at the wineries, just a few sips here and there. We met with Chris, Co-Founder of the brewery, who was super chill and hilarious af. We moved to the patio to get the convo going, and it flowed super easily, with Chris cracking me up constantly. We were joined by their Head Brewer John maybe half way in, which was perfect timing to get his story.

We ran through 5 of the beers they have on tap, all of which were super solid. I was yet again impressed by the Black Lager, though, which is such a fantastic beer. My one regret is forgetting to grab bottles to-go.

Check out the highlight video below, and if you enjoyed that bad boy, hit up the full audio via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Cheers!

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