Cheers To The Year That Was 2018!

Mate. What a time.

First of all, who can even believe 2018 is over already? Insanity. And the end of the year marks over three and a half years since we've been doing BAOS - what started as a casual side project to stop Cee going crazy from music and business ended up a major part of all our lives, and what a ride it's been. You guys are just incredible - the support we've received from the craft beer community, literally all across the world, has been exceptional and humbling. ️

Last year, we took a bit of a look back on some of the things we achieved in our year-in-review email blast, so we figured it makes sense to do it again. In 2018, we:

 Travelled to AustraliaVermontNew York, Prince Edward County, MuskokaHamiltonFrelighsburgChamblyVankleek Hill, Colorado (Parts one and two came out in 2018) and Cantons de l'Est
 Brewed two collab beers - the first with Sawdust City, who put our ridiculous faces on the can, and L'Espace Public, who showcased the beer at Mondial de la Bière
 Worked with Tourism Offices from all over the continent, including Visit Colorado (and numerous offices throughout the state), Tourism Vermont, Visit Prince Edward County and Visit Cantons de l'Est on fantastic campaigns with our sister platform LiquidxHappiness
 Got pranked
 Cee had a feature article on the biggest craft beer website in Australia, The Crafty Pint
 Decided we really like lactose
 Introduced Industry Talk, a new segment
 Got our first ever sponsor
 Released our 100th episode of the podcast
 Did our first ever live podcast at Beau's Oktoberfest
 Attended 6 beer festivals across North America, including the Great American Beer Festival (bucketlist ✅)

On top of that, we released:

 15 Vlogs
 69 Beer Mail videos
 52 Podcasts
 Introduced #1MinuteBeerReview

To celebrate everything that was 2018, we put together our Top 10 Most Popular Podcastsand our Top 10 Beers of 2018.


We dropped a ton of videos this year, spoke to a whole bunch of super intelligent people and drank an insane amount of phenomenal beer. Here are some of our fave videos we think you'll enjoy.