#100 We Made It To One Hundred: The Best of BAOS with Tiffany Alexis & Notion


I swear on everything, when we first started BAOS Podcast, there was NO way we'd ever thought we'd get to 100 episodes. Like, it wasn't even in our world view. This thing was strictly an escape from the seriousness of the other aspects of our lives - jobs, hustles, music, business. Beer was the banana lounge chair on the beach that took all of our troubles away.

Three and a half years after we started this thing, we've now hit one hundred whole entire episodes. And beer is kinda not exactly that lounge chair on the beach. It's more a leather-bound office chair seated in front of an IKEA desk with a 27" iMac, but with a hazy IPA sitting on a coaster nearby to keep us company while we work. And I'm not even mad at that.

For someone like me who moved to Canada to pursue music (which I'm very much proactively going hard with), to accidentally produce a side project that has become a co-headline project is super cool. When I lived in Australia, I considered myself a beer guy because I drank macro lagers from across the planet. I was worldly, you see. I drank Heineken and Budweiser and Cristal and Quilmes and Brahma. I knew my shit. Then I did the 365 Days of Beer in 2011, and things got hella real.

Fast forward 7 years and some change, and here we are, travelling the actual world on someone else's dime to discover some of the greatest craft beer the planet has to offer. And I couldn't be more grateful. One hundred of anything is impressive to me, so I'm just happy that enough people care to listen to us and watch our stuff so that we can continue doing what we do.

In all honesty, I truly hope we've provided value to the craft beer community through our content, that we've opened up the world of craft beer to those who are new to it and made y'all feel welcome, and that we've truly and accurately told the stories of the brewers and owners, with whom we are blessed to spend time.

Enjoy this 100th episode with the squad below, and check out the whole 2.5 hour episode via Apple Podcasts and Spotify if you want the full experience. We were even blessed to work with our first official paid sponsor - Lilypad - who make software to help breweries sell and manage their beer a lot easier. Mention BAOS Podcast and you get $200 off. Great deal. Here's to the next 100!

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