Top 10 Most Popular BAOS Podcast Episodes in 2018 (As Voted By You!)


There’s nothing more sobering (pun intended) than running through all the obligatory end-of-year reviews. It’s genuinely a fantastic feeling to look back at everything we achieved in 2018, all the amazing people we met and drank with, all the extremely intelligent, warm and generous people we interviewed, and of course, all the beers we were blessed to imbibe on.

This is actually a first for us, but we figured it’d be interesting to put together a Top 10 list of our most popular (based on download numbers) podcast episodes. It certainly didn’t turn out how we expected - you can watch our video recap below featuring snippets from each episode in the Top 10. If any of the episodes pique your interest, check out the full highlight videos in descending order, and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to hear the entire conversations.

Thank you all for your support in 2018! Cheers!

10. #94 Le Siège Social with Jean-Phillippe Lalonde (La Succursale)

9. #89 Canadian Beer Independence with Steve Beauchesne (Beau's) and Frédérick Tremblay (Microbrasserie Charlevoix)

8. #81 The Beer Unicorn with Renee Navarro

7. #73 Get It In Ya! with Sam Corbeil, Caleb Gilgan & James Benson (Sawdust City)

6. #95 Lactocalypse with Noah Forrest (Beerism)

5. #80 Best Team In The League with Mandie & Mark Murphy (Left Field)

4. #75 Drinking All The Way To The Bank with Chris Farmer (Mr. Banks)

3. #96 Rainbow Of Deliciousness with Chris Pontsioen & John Legassicke (Silversmith)

2. #90 Refined Simplicity with Luc "Bim" LaFontaine (Godspeed Brewery)

1. #88 Beers To Discover: Spotlight On Ontario

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