Our 2018 Craft Beer & Wine Holiday Gift List


It’s that time of year already, eh? It feels like every year flies by faster and faster, but I guess that’s a not-so-fun side effect of aging. So now that we’re officially in the holiday spirit, we all need some ideas on what to procure for the beer and wine connoisseur in our lives. In collaboration with our sister platform LiquidxHappiness, who focus on wine, spirits and coffee, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite items that could make the perfect gift for your liquid-loving loved one this holiday season.

Pretty Pennie Jewellery


If you’re in the craft beer scene in Canada, you’d have to have been living in a Beer Store recycling bin to not be familiar with Pretty Pennie. Owned and operated by Hilary Pennie, her handmade jewellery has become the status symbol of the craft beer scene. Anyone who’s anyone rocks her pieces, from her Heavy On The Hops necklace conversation pieces to her rings, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and pretty much anything you’d ever think to put a hop on. From antiqued brass to sterling silver to rose gold, Pretty Pennie has a look for every occasion.



Long before BAOS Podcast was anything more than beer reviews, we’d been working with Phil Hinson from BrewHeads. Phil had ensured that Cee, as a recording artist, was laced in BrewHeads at all times, and they even did a song for the brand (our theme song, “BrewHeads”) and that relationship only grew stronger with the podcast and YouTube ventures. BrewHeads are focused on craft beer lovers and celebrating the culture with their unique pieces, all responsibly sourced and hand-made in the USA. Our faves include the incredible wooden bottle opener that keeps your caps intact and the super warm beanie for those rough winters. Use code “BAOS” to get 15% off your order.


For those with a larger budget, PicoBrew could be an interesting option. Positioned as a simple, ready-to-brew home brewing appliance, the PicoPro and Pico C are essentially a kitchen counter-top tool that provide a no-mess approach to home brewing fresh craft beer using kits based on recipes created by the breweries themselves. On top of brewing fantastic beer with the push of a few buttons, it’s also does fantastic sous vide. Everyone wins, really. A worthwhile investment.

Wine Glass Necklaces


Have you ever been to a beer festival and they give you one of those necklaces that holds your beer for you? How convenient was that? Well, some smart folks realized that this type of hands-free device should exist for wine glasses, so not only did they make it happen but they made it attractive. A gorgeous beaded necklace with a flexible grip that allows you to fit any glass in it and run hands-free at any event while still looking super stylish. Find your wine glass necklace here and use code “Insta” for 10% off your order.

Nook Canada

We often run into the issue of having too many bottles of wine and not enough space to keep them (amirite?), and Nook Canada has the solution. In what could be described as the Lego of wine racks, Nook is essentially a build-your-own, completely customizable wine rack that can be adjusted to fit in any corner of any room, and stacked as high as gravity will allow. It’s a super inexpensive and attractive gift perfect for any wine connoisseur with a too-much-wine problem. Use code “lxh30” to get 30% off your order.